Demon Child

WELP!! Lookie here!

Guess whos back?!


Okies so it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a blog and I could tell a story as to why but lol no point.

October is totally my favorite month of the year and really there’s a lot going on this month so I will try to get more done but …

So straight to the point…

There’s alot of events going on right now and Diamante has been putting out new stuff like no tomorrow so make sure you head down to Diamante and check out what they got going on! 😀

Just do it!

SB DemonSpawn-2


SB DemonSpawn-5

SB DemonSpawn-3

SB DemonSpawn-Shoes

 ^ I am totally in love with these boots ❤

SB DemonSpawn- Back

 SB DemonSpawn-4


SKIN : Glam Affair – Sia @ C88
HAIR : Moon – Alter Eagle @ Kustom 9
TATTOO : Reckless – Gran @ Body Mod Expo
BODYSUIT : Muka – Natasha
COLLAR : Pekka – Chain Collar
HORNS : Diamante – Domination Horns
FACE CHAIN : Panik – High Nose Chain – Group Gift
RING : Diamante – Amour – Diamond Solitaire
FACIAL PIERCING : Diamante – Sinful
BOOTS : Diamante – Furious – Platform Boots
WINGS : D-Style – Demon Wings – Silver – rare @ Haunted Graveyard Gacha event
CUFFS : Diamante – Deviant Cuffs
PURSE :D-Style – Skull Bag Halloween – Rare @ Haunted Graveyard Gacha event

POSES USED : Thrust – Rockabilly


My quick thanks for the time to check it out and always Diamante ❤

Summer Bash

Ooooh, why hello my peoples! So yes it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted. So I figured since I had a little bit of down time this morning I would be productive in this world 😀 I hope you all enjoy. I would love to tell you that this means I am back on a regular basis but chances are no, however I do plan on getting several more done over the next couple weeks. So anyhow to the point at hand, this blog. Quickly thrown together with a little mix and match. There’s lots going on and honestly I havent made it to half of the events going on lol BUTTT here’s what I got going on for you today. Some from Krave’s Summer Bash event going on NOW! TMD and a lil from C88.



SB KraveSB2


SB KraveSB3


SB KraveSB4


SB KraveSB5



What I am Wearing :

HAIR : Little Bones – Rabbit Heart
BIKINI : [No-You] – Angelus Bikini Black/white Cross @ Krave Summer Bash
TATTOO : Reckless – Jameson @ TMD
NECKLACE : POMPOSITY – Sunny Peace Necklace @ Krave Summer Bash
FOREHEAD CROSS : DATUM – Forehead Cross – Black @ Krave Summer Bash
PIERCING : Diamante – Agony
BRACELETS : Mandala – Billionare Smexy @ C88
RINGS : Diamante – Edge Rings (Slink Hands Req. NOT Included )
LEG TATTOO : Reckless – Rio @ TMD
TOE RINGS : Diamante – Edge Toe Rings Flat Feet ( Slink Natural Barefeet Req NOT Included )

Poses Used :

Image Essential : Hula Hooping 10 – Rare @ Krave Summer Bash
Purple Poses : Persephone @ C88


Oooh Hello Lovelies 😀  So yeah I really planned on having this blog out days ago but better late than never right ? Sooo I am SUPER Excited to tell you about Project Limited!!! It starts Tomorrow at Noon ( July 10th @ 12pm ) LOL No lie I have been waiting for these rings for over a month now! They have an amazing hud which makes the possibilities with them endless!! So make sure you dont miss out on yours!

There’s a few other events and fairs tossed in here such as Manga and OMGGacha so make sure you check those out as well.

So anyhow I am just gonna get right to it!


SB Purgatory7

SB Purgatory6

SB Purgatory5Nails

SB Purgatory4

SB Purgatory3

SB Purgatory2full



SHIRTRAZOR – Succubus Pixie Stringed Top
SKIRT – S&C – Skater Skirt @ Manga Fair
COLLAR – DIAMANTE – Goddess Collar – Silver Rare – Gacha @ OMGGacha
RINGS – :{Scene} – Purgatory – Limited Edition @ Project Limited
FEET CHAIN – ::TI:: – Feet Chain (mid feet req. not included)

Ty for my amazing Sponsors – Scene – Diamante – S&C ♥ you guys you are fucking awesome!!
Thank you for taking the time to check my blog out!

Happy 4th

Oh Haiii lovies!

Okay so like usual I am way behind in this post as I should of had it up at least yesterday but well RL happens and I should be in RL now but I had to take a few to get this post out and let you all know about a few things that are going on. I wanna wish all my fellow Americans a Happy 4th of July, may it be safe and happy for you all. Now there’s one thing that I need to tell you about that is not in the blog post its self but Sugar and Cyanide is having a sim wide sale this weekend. Flyer will be posted down below so make sure you check that out. Now this post is a bit of some old and new mixed together for a very casual look cause well I am a cali girl its pretty much a very 4th look 😛  So let me get to it so I can get back to the RL.



Sale Flyer!


So Yesss Gooo Check that out!!!

SB Happy 4th

SB Happy4th2

SB Happy 4th3

SB Happy 4th4

Annd Cause I hate when you cant see something blogged one of the tattoo

SB Happy 4th5

What I am Wearing:

HAIR – Exile – London to LA @ Previous Arcade
EYES – Song – Owls//Stormy @ TMD
TOPFY – Sweetie Top
SHORTSRA – Jeans Hotpants Dark Blue
SHOESFlite x Reckless Chukkas – White
EARRINGSDiamante – Unholy Hoops / large and silver
COLLAR – Diamante – Goddess @ OMG GACHA
FACIAL PIERCINGDiamante – Sinful Facial Piercing
STOMACH PIERCINGCP – Aperient Piercing
RINGS – Diamante – Edge Rings
GLOVES – SCENE – STRAPPED GLOVES SPED @ Summer Fashion and Music Fair ( July 1st through the 6th )
NAILS – SCENE – STARLET MINI FINGER NAILS (SLINK REQ NOT INCULDED) – hunt item @ Summer Fashion and Music Fair

Ty my amazing sponsors and ty all for checking it out!

Make sure you go check out the events in this post!

I will be back again soon with more events going on 😛

Til Next time 😛

Dance with the Devil

So I am just get to the point today and say, every one of the stores in this blog is fucking amazing and worth checking out! Then again I am blogging it so of course it is right ? Ha! Anyhow check it out 🙂








SB BLOG5- Nails



What I Am Wearing:

HAIRMina – Femke
OUTFIT –  S&C – Boudoir @ Boudoir
HEELS – S&C – Von Teese Heels – Red
BRACELETS – Mandala – Sankara @ TMD
PIERCING – Diamante – Facial Dimples Piercing
RINGS – Diamante – Edge rings @ Thrift Shop
NAILS – SCENE – Funky Skull Nails
TATTOO – Reckless – Grim @ The Big Show
COLLAR – S&C – Briand Collar – Gacha

Make A Scene

Oh my goodness!! Sooo much to tell you all!!!! So let me start with the basics, this is a quick throw together from several of the events going on.

Now let me get to something I am beyond excited to tell you about!!


So lemme tell you about Scenes, if you have me added on fb you have seen for the last week the teasers of the skull heels … well this is the store in which created them !! Scene is a brand new store that will be nothing but all original mesh. No templates! They just opened their doors today so make sure you get your asses down there and grab the items in which I am about to show you! Both come with an amazing power hud,  the options are fucking AMAZINGGGG!!!

Also I am rocking the dress from D-Style at Krave so make sure you get your asses there to check that out as well. 2 more days left on that.

The Rings are from Diamante at Thrift Shop which also come with amazing matching toe rings for Mid Slink feet, a for sure must have!!

 Lets Make a Scene Coll

SB Lets make a sceneRings

SB Lets make a sceneSHOES1

SB Lets make a sceneGloves1

SB Lets make a scene8

SB Lets make a scene6

SB Lets make a scene5

SB Lets make a scene4

What I am Wearing :

HAIR: Truth – Oceana @ C88
DRESS: D-style – Club Style Dress @ Krave
SHOES: Scene – Skull Heels (Slink High feet req. Not included)

Accessories :

GLOVES: Scene – Deliciously Strapped Gloves (Slink Hands Req NOT included)
RINGS: Diamante – Edge Rings @ Thrift Shop
Piercing: Diamante – Facial Dimples Piercing
TATTOO: Reckless – Remember the Dead @ TMD
COLLAR: S&C – Briand Collar – Gacha – Black
NAILS: Diamante – Diamond tipped french (Slink Hands Req NOT included)

I just wanna say Thanks for taking the time to check this out! Also to my sponsors ♥ you to pieces ♥♥♥

A Warriors Call

Okay so at the advice of a friend I am back throwing a lil something something together. Ive been gone but not out … not done 😀 So just a lil random mix and match I threw together. I have lot of blogging to get done but bare with me I’ll get there 🙂


SB Warriors Call2

SB Warriors Call3

SB warriors call4

SB Warriors callShoes



What I Am Wearing :

HAIR = +Spellbound+ – Warrior
TOP = -TartCake- Lacy Corset Top Black @ The Dark Fair
PANTS = Reign – Jeggings – black
SHOES = Reign – Petal Hoppers – Black (Slink Flat Feet Req, Not included)
TATTOO = Reckless – Medusa
FACE TATTOO = Reckless – Hell Bound – Gacha – Rare
FACE PAINT = Chary – Group Gift
FACIAL PIERCING1= CP – Ova Piercing Part 1 – (Edited)
FACIAL PIERCING2 = Diamante – Facial Dimples Piercing
FACIAL PIERCING3 = Diamante – Trilogy Mouth Piercing (Edited)
CUFFS = Diamante – Deviant Cuffs
RINGS = Diamante-Sunshine Rings
CHOKER = *BLITZED* – Legacy Choker
PIERCING = CP – Aperient Piercing @ The Dark Fair
BACK PIERCING = Diamante – Venusian Dimple Piercing
NAILS = US – Gothic Polish







Alright so Krave Urban Freestyle Event ends on the 30th which is 2 days from now so I thought I would throw a quick post together with some of the awesome things available at Krave. Make sure you get over there and check it out before its over! So let’s get right to it!


SB Krave1

SB Krave2

SB Krave4



What I Am Wearing :

Body :

SKIN = 7Deadly – Piper – Gacha – Rare @ Krave
HAIR = ClawTooth – Girl Trouble @ Previous Arcade event

Clothing :

SHIRT = D-Style – Destiny Top
PANTS = D- Style – Krave Slim Jeans @ Krave
SHOES = FLITE – Flytop 001 Black Leather ( Limited Edition )

Accessories :

SUNGLASSES = .Diamante. – Urban Tactics Sunglasses @ Krave
FACIAL PIERCING = .Diamante. -Trance Facial Piercing
NECKLACE = Pomposity – Worded Heart Necklace – Gacha @ Krave
TATTOO = Letis – Skulls
STOMACH TATTOO = PMS – Positive Life Tattoo
WATCH = Diamante. – Urban Tactics Mens Watch @ Krave
BRACELET = PMS – Leather Bracelets – Gacha @ Krave
RINGS = CP – Cross Rings – Gacha – Black – Rare @ Krave
RING2 = PMS – Steampunk/punk Ring Gacha @ Oh! Like Blah Gatcha Event
CIGARETTE = .:Harmony:. – Ultimate Cigarette
NAILS = [Bubble] – Baroque Fingernails Darks ( Req Slink Hands NOT included ) @ Krave

Pretty In Pink

Just throwing a quick post together…

Sugar and Cyanide’s Lazy Sunday Item and a few gacha items and such…

The Bangles are amazing and like everything coming from Diamante lately with a 6 texture hud which should be in store within the next few days.

Okay So lets get to it.


SB PrettyinPink

SB PrettyinPink2

SB PrettyinPink5

SB PrettyinPink7



What I Am Wearing : 

HAIR = Truth – Lagertha
OUTFIT = S&C – Halary ( Lazy Sunday Item )
TATOO = Reckless – West Coast High
FACIAL TATTOO = Reckless – Gacha – Hell Bound Tatoo ( Rare )
FACIAL PIERCING = .Diamante. – Enigma Facial Piercing
NECKLACE.Diamante. – Sideways Cross Corded Leather Choker
BANGLES = .Diamante. – Interlocking multi-ring Bangles ( Coming Soon)
RINGS = .Diamante. – Sunshine Rings @ Spring Break Fair
RINGS2 = PMS – Steampunk/punk Rings – Gacha @ Oh! Like Blah Gotta Gacha Event
NAILS = .Diamante. – Blue/Purple MonoChrome ( Req. Slink Hands NOT Included ) @ The Monochromatic Fair
FEET BOWS = S&C – Slink Feet Bow – Magenta ( Req. Slink Mid Or High Feet NOT included )